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Trip packages IQUITOS

Travel packages and programs in Iquitos and Amazon jungle river.
Trip packages to Iquitos and the most important shelters in the natural jungle, you will see and enjoy a multitude of flora and fauna. All-inclusive packages to Iquitos, nature reserves and the Amazon River.

Muyuna Amazon Lodge

MUYUNA Amazon Lodge

4 days / 3 nights
140 km from Iquitos. An authentic natural wild experience, ideal for those seeking full contact with nature.

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Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge

bus tourPacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge

4 days / 3 nights
Fascinating experience in the natural reserve of Pacaya Samiria and even better in our ecological all-inclusive lodge.

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Cumaceba Lodge - Amazon river

bus tourCumaceba Lodge - Amazon river

4 days / 3 nights
30 km from Iquitos. A natural experience in the immense Peruvian jungle. Typical and rustic in the middle of the amazon jungle.

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Amazonas Botanical Lodge – Ayahuasca

Bus paquete Amazonas Botanical Lodge – Ayahuasca

3 days / 32nights
80 km from Iquitos. Ideal for long hikes through the jungle to see the giant tree. It has a pool and electricity.

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